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Write your neon story with Bhagwate. Explore our range of personalized neon signs that turn ideas into illuminated art, perfect for expressing your individuality.

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Our neon signs are meticulously crafted using the finest materials, ensuring exceptional quality and durability. Each piece is designed to deliver vibrant and consistent illumination in your beautiful space, making your space truly stand out.

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At Bhagwate Neon, we offer the most competitive prices without compromising on quality. Our commitment to affordability means you can enjoy premium neon signs that fit your budget, bringing brilliant light to your life without breaking the bank.

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Welcome to Bhagwate, your premier destination for frames, LED frames, and customized neon signs across India. Located in Modinagar, Uttar Pradesh, we operate with a commitment to quality and innovation.

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Brighten your space with our Jai Shree Ram Neon Sign. Featuring high-quality LED lights on an acrylic back panel, this vibrant and detailed sign is perfect for any room. Handcrafted by local artisans and easy to maintain, it's a stunning and spiritual addition to your decor. #MadeInIndia

Jai Shree Ram Neon Sign
Discount Display
₹3600 ₹1800
High-Quality LED Lights
Durable Frame
Safe and Low Voltage
Easy Maintenance
Environmental Friendly



Explore our selection and find the perfect neon sign to brighten up your home or office 💫

Om Sign Warm Neo

Om Namah Shivaya Neon

Jai Shri Ram Neon

Doraemon Neon Design

Lighting the path of devotion, our Om Namah Shivay neon sign shines with reverence at Madhmaheshwar Temple, bridging the spiritual and the contemporary.

Om Namah Shivay 🙏🏻

Our Achievement

Om Namah Shivay Neon Sign Honored at Madhmaheshwar Temple

Experience divine radiance with our Om Namah Shivay neon sign, celebrated for its spiritual significance at Madhmaheshwar Temple. Crafted with precision and reverence, this neon masterpiece brings ancient chants to life, making it a cherished addition to sacred spaces and homes alike.

Spiritual Significance

Our Om Namah Shivay neon sign has been chosen for Madhmaheshwar Temple, symbolizing spiritual purity and devotion.

Honored Tradition

Celebrated for its craftsmanship and symbolic value, this neon sign reflects our commitment to quality and reverence for sacred art.

Cultural Heritage

Embrace the heritage of Madhmaheshwar Temple with a piece that blends modern aesthetics with ancient spiritual resonance, perfect for homes and sacred spaces alike.



Discover what our valued customers say about their experiences with Bhagwate's neon signs. 

"I ordered the Om Namah Shivay neon sign for my home altar, and it's beyond beautiful. The craftsmanship and the vibrant colors exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend!"

Priya Sharma
Priya Sharma

"Absolutely Stunning!"

"From placing my order to receiving it, the customer service was exceptional. They kept me updated throughout the process, and the sign arrived well-packaged and in perfect condition.

Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar

"Excellent Customer Service"

"I purchased the Om Namah Shivay neon sign for my office, and it has become a conversation starter. The design is unique, and the neon lights are mesmerizing.

Rohan Chaudhary
Rohan Chaudhary


"The Om sign from Bhagwate is now the focal point of our yoga studio. It not only enhances the ambiance but also inspires our practitioners. Thank you for this exquisite piece!"

Sachin Verma
Sachin Verma



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